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Published: November 24, 2012 | Applies to:

This article shows the imaginative script for Windows 8 Start Menu that must turned out to reality.

Microsoft has been criticized deeply after their final confirmation of removing Start Button and Start Menu. Back in past, the days were, which made Microsoft popular was nothing but the Start Button as provided in Windows XP editions.

Now the strange and pointless decision to remove Start Button from Windows 8 has created a noisy atmosphere with lots of cries from Windows lovers. Everybody ends up with…. Why???

Well, online communities has given various suggestion to MS guys, so that they can improve the index of Windows 8 and treat people by restoring the lost Start Menu. Along with it, freewares such as Classic Shell has dominated a significant part by replacing Start Button and Menu by cracking the integrity.

Windows 8 Start Menu Should Be Like This!

Today, in this article, we’ll tell you about yet another Start Menu concept as proposed by our DeviantArt friend andreascy. Following image illustrates his imagination regarding this concept:

Options are cleverly sorted in categories, using the same Windows 8 like GUI that defines the new Microsoft operating system.

Sadly, there are close to zero chances to see such a feature in Windows 8, as Microsoft has absolutely no intention to bring back the Start Menu.

Company CEO Steve Ballmer has previously hinted that no one actually needs a Start Menu since Windows 8 comes with much more than that. His indication leads to the newly arrived Start Screen. According to him, Start Screen is enough powerful in its capabilities as compared to lost Start Button followed by its Menu.

Unfortunately, till now, removing Start Button and Menu and introducing Start Screen is the most controversial feature debut ever created about Windows.

Like to listen from you guys!

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  • As Microsoft has removed all the codes to prevent third party developers to create utilities/software to reenable the start button in Windows 8, I would like to know your opinions about that. After the release of the final verison of Windows 8, do you think the developers somehow would be able to recreate utilities/software to reenable the start menu button successfully or they would fail? Also would they be able to reenable Aero glass too? What you think?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ I say yes.

    People have been coding add-ons for Windows for 25 years, they won’t let MS stripping code out worry them, they’ll simply code around it.

    Actually, I see Windows 8 being a bit of a gold-mine, in that respect.

  • @Sanket, Theoretically yes. But I would imagine it would a MAJOR, MAJOR, PITA. It would need a hardcore programmer to do such. I bet the setup would be Windows 7 or Windows 8 Developer Preview, analyzing the registry for start menu references, and reverse engineering how the start menu works. Then, that person would need to compare that to Windows 8’s registry and see what is missing. Next, it would take a lot of work to see if one can isolate the code needed for the start menu on 7 and test that, and if that works, try to splice that into 8 and see if that can work.

    Simply put, if ALL the code for the start menu was gone, it would a TON of work for a little menu. The more logical solution if you need that is to use Windows 7, or even using Classic Shell to get something like that back on the Desktop.

    Or, you can mold the Start Screen to your liking….whatever that blasphemy is….

  • Partially agreed with concept.. but unfortunately no agreement with M$ :(

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