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About Kapil Sparks™

Kapil Sparks™ is Windows troubleshooting & how-to guides blog developed to help out end users. The blog mainly focuses on Windows 8 or later operating systems and covers the fixes for commonly faced issues, tips & tricks regarding the same. Apart from Windows desktop operating system, you can also find Universal Apps, Windows Phone, Microsoft Office, iPad, Mac OS X and leading web browsers related articles here.

The site gets real-time update as soon as we have got something worth sharing for all. Our aim is to include those issues and their solutions, which a majority of users are falling around. On an average, we post about 20 new articles per month.

About Kapil Arya

Kapil Arya, the administrator for this blog is currently a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Windows Experience expertise. He has received Microsoft MVP award for 3 times; in 2014 for Windows Expert – Consumer expertise and in 2015 and 2016 for same expertise which got renamed to Windows Experience.

First expressions after getting award:

Awarded Microsoft MVP Third Time In A Row! [2016]

Got Renewed As Microsoft MVP! [2015]

Kapil Sparks™ Is Now Microsoft MVP Blog! [2014]

Here is the link to his MVP profile on official Microsoft MVPs site:

Link to MVP Profile on

MVP award is given to exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with others. The awarded are people who actively share their technical expertise with the different technology communities related directly or indirectly to Microsoft.

MVP Certification 2016
MVP Certification 2016
MVP Certification 2015
MVP Certification 2015
MVP Certification 2014
MVP Certification 2014

Here’s the snapshot from India MVP Open Day 2016, held at Hyderabad, India.

Microsoft MVP Open Day, March 2016

This one is the snap from Microsoft MVP Open Day 2015, held at Bangalore, India. Kapil attended it along with 55 other MVPs across India.

Microsoft MVP Open Day, January 2015

Here is the another picture from MVPs@Microsoft 2014 event organized for Indian MVPs in June 2014 at Microsoft GTSC, Bangalore (Kapil is the first one from right side):

MVPS@Microsoft, June 2014

Kapil has versatile knowledge on various sections of Windows and he loves to constantly share his knowledge with others for troubleshooting their Windows related issues. He is very passionate and consistent about Windows blogging. Apart from being a MVP, Microsoft accomplished him as Microsoft Content Creator (MCC) at Microsoft Answers/Community. He completed his graduation with honours in Electrical Engineering. He is senior Windows author at The Windows Club, one of the Microsoft’s Featured Community. Kapil is moderator at The Windows Club Forum. Read Kapil‘s first online interview as MVP:

Kapil Arya : First Online Interview At WindowsTalk

You can connect Kapil on leading social networks using following links:

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