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Here is the list of all articles on Kapil Sparks™. This list is updated regularly as soon as a new article is published on this site. However, you can use top navigation bar and filter posts under categories.

  1. [Chrome Latest Version Update] Download Google Chrome 55.0.2883.75 Final Version
  2. [Direct Download Links] Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus Free Trial
  3. [Direct Download Links] Download Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1
  4. [Direct Download Links] Download Windows 7 SP1 RTM
  5. [Download Links] Get Windows 8.1 Update Now
  6. [FAQ] How Do I Change Microsoft Edge Download Folder Location?
  7. [FAQ] How To Reset Apps In Windows 10?
  8. [FAQ] Is Windows 10 Worth Upgrading?
  9. [FAQ] What Is defaultuser0 Account In Windows 10 And How To Remove It?
  10. [FAQ] Why Is Cortana Not Available To Me On Windows 10?
  11. [FAQs] Windows 10 Upgrading Queries
  12. [FAQs] Windows 8 Upgrading Queries
  13. [Firefox Latest Version Update] Download Mozilla Firefox 50 Stable Version
  14. [FIX] ‘This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)’ For Device Manager In Windows 10
  15. [FIX] ‘We Encountered An Error. Please Try Signing In Again Later’ For Store App
  16. [FIX] ‘Windows Cannot Format This Drive’ In Windows 10
  17. [FIX] ‘Windows Firewall Has Blocked Some Features Of This App’ In Windows 10
  18. [FIX] ‘Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged’ In Windows 10
  19. [FIX] “A Media Driver Your Computer Needs Is Missing” While Installing Windows 10
  20. [FIX] “Access Denied To Installation Source” While Installing Office 2016
  21. [FIX] “Alt+Tab” Menu Is No Longer Working In Windows 8, 8.1
  22. [FIX] “An Error Is Preventing This Key From Being Opened” For Registry Editor
  23. [FIX] “AutoPlay” Options No Longer Working In Windows 7, 8
  24. [FIX] “Battery Plugged In, Not Charging” For Windows 10
  25. [FIX] “Copy The Recovery Partition From The PC To The Recovery Drive” Disabled
  26. [FIX] “Error 5 : Access Is Denied” In Windows Vista
  27. [FIX] “Failed To Download The New Preview Build” Error In Windows 10
  28. [FIX] “Hmm, We Can’t Reach This Page” Error In Microsoft Edge
  29. [FIX] “Modern Setup Host Has Stopped Working” While Upgrading To Windows 10
  30. [FIX] “Operating System Not Found” Error For Windows 10
  31. [FIX] “PC Settings” Not Working In Windows 8, 8.1
  32. [FIX] “RunDLL – The Specified Module Could Not Be Found” In Windows 8.1
  33. [FIX] “Setting The Account Picture Failed. Please Try Again” In Windows 10
  34. [FIX] “Something Happened And The Windows 8.1 Couldn’t Be Installed. Error Code: 0x80071a91”
  35. [FIX] “Something Happened And The Windows 8.1 Couldn’t Be Installed. Error Code: 0xc1900104”
  36. [FIX] “Something Happened And This App Couldn’t Be Installed. Error Code: 0x80070490”
  37. [FIX] “Something Went Wrong. Error Code: 30088-4” While Installing Office 2013
  38. [FIX] “Something Went Wrong. Try Again Later.” While Changing PIN In Windows 10
  39. [FIX] “Something Went Wrong. Try This Search Again” Error For Cortana
  40. [FIX] “Something Went Wrong” Error For OneNote App In Windows 10
  41. [FIX] “Something Went Wrong” While Syncing Mail App In Windows 10
  42. [FIX] “Something Went Wrong” While Using Camera App In Windows 10
  43. [FIX] “Sorry, We Can’t Play This File On Your Phone” In Windows Phone 8.1
  44. [FIX] “System Restore Did Not Completed Successfully” In Windows 7, 8
  45. [FIX] “The Address Wasn’t Understood” Error In Mozilla Firefox
  46. [FIX] “The Installation Failed” Error While Installing Office For Mac
  47. [FIX] “The Microsoft Account Service Is Unavailable Right Now” In Windows Phone
  48. [FIX] “The Operation Cannot Be Performed Because The Message Has Been Changed” In Outlook 2013
  49. [FIX] “The Parameter Is Incorrect” While Pinning Folders To Quick Access In Windows 10
  50. [FIX] “The Process Cannot Access The File Because It Is Being Used By Another Process” While Loading Registry Hive
  51. [FIX] “The Remote Procedure Call Failed” While Setting Lock Screen
  52. [FIX] “There Are Currently No Power Options Available” In Windows 8.1
  53. [FIX] “This App Is Preventing Shutdown” In Windows 8 Or Later
  54. [FIX] “This App Is Turned Off By Group Policy” For Windows Defender
  55. [FIX] “This Device Can’t Use A Trusted Platform Module” For BitLocker In Windows 10
  56. [FIX] “This File Does Not Have A Program Associated With It For Performing This Action” In Windows 10
  57. [FIX] “Try Again Later. Something Happened On Our End” For Store App In Windows 10
  58. [FIX] “We Can’t Sign You In Right Now. Try Again Later” Error For Xbox App In Windows 10
  59. [FIX] “We Couldn’t Add This Provider” Message In Microsoft Edge
  60. [FIX] “We Couldn’t Sign You In. Bad Length” Error For Windows Store
  61. [FIX] “Well, This Is Embarrassing. We Can’t Find The App” Error 0x80070002 For Windows Store
  62. [FIX] “Windows Could Not Search For New Updates” In Windows 8 Or Later
  63. [FIX] “You Can’t Create Both A Recovery Password And A Recovery Key” For BitLocker Drive Encryption
  64. [FIX] “You Can’t Sign In To Your PC Right Now” In Windows 8 Or Later
  65. [FIX] “Your Computer Is Low On Memory” Warning In Windows 10
  66. [FIX] 0xc8000247 – Windows Update Standalone Installer Encountered Error
  67. [FIX] 10 Most Common Errors Associated With Applications On Windows
  68. [FIX] A Component Of The Operating System Has Expired
  69. [FIX] A Connection To The Remote Computer Could Not Be Established In Windows 10
  70. [FIX] A Device Attached To The System Is Not Functioning
  71. [FIX] Action Center Not Working In Windows 10
  72. [FIX] Activation Failed Because This Device Doesn’t Have A Valid Digital Entitlement Or Product Key. Error Code: 0x803F7001
  73. [FIX] All Installed Software Not Listed In Uninstall Or Change A Program Window
  74. [FIX] An App Default Was Reset In Windows 10
  75. [FIX] An Unexpected Error Has Occurred. The Troubleshooting Wizard Can’t Continue.
  76. [FIX] App Minimizes Or Closes Itself In Windows 8 Or Later
  77. [FIX] Application Has Been Blocked From Accessing Graphics Hardware
  78. [FIX] Audio Not Working After Upgrading To Windows 10
  79. [FIX] Automatic System Restore Point Creation Disabled In Windows 8.1
  80. [FIX] Bing Lock Screen Wallpaper Not Refreshing Automatically In Windows Phone
  81. [FIX] BitLocker Drive Encryption Cannot Be Used Because Critical BitLocker System Files Are Missing Or Corrupted
  82. [FIX] Bluetooth Drivers No Longer Working After Upgrading To Windows 8.1
  83. [FIX] Bluetooth Missing Options For “Send A File” & “Receive A File”
  84. [FIX] Can’t Activate Windows 7 With Valid Product Key
  85. [FIX] Can’t Configure Location Settings In Windows 8.1
  86. [FIX] Can’t Download Windows 8.1 From Windows Store
  87. [FIX] Can’t Get Into Windows 7 For Dual Boot With Windows 8
  88. [FIX] Can’t Insert Or Delete Sheet Rows And Columns In Excel 2013
  89. [FIX] Can’t Open Windows Store In Windows 8 Or Later
  90. [FIX] Can’t Switch To Microsoft Account In Windows 8 Or Later
  91. [FIX] Can’t Switch To Most Recent Used App In Windows 8, 8.1 Using Swipe
  92. [FIX] Can’t Switch Users In Windows 8.1
  93. [FIX] Can’t Use “Open” After Selecting More Than 15 Files In Windows 7, 8
  94. [FIX] Cannot Activate Windows 10 Due To Various Errors
  95. [FIX] Cannot Add Users To Windows 10
  96. [FIX] Cannot Create Lync Meetings Using Outlook 2013
  97. [FIX] Cannot Install Language Packs In Windows 10. Error Code 0x800F0908.
  98. [FIX] Cannot Install Remote Server Administration Tools (RSATs) In Windows 10
  99. [FIX] Class Not Registered Error In Windows 10
  100. [FIX] COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working In Windows 8.1
  101. [FIX] Compatibility Issues For Installing New Software In Windows 8
  102. [FIX] Cortana Is Disabled By Company Policy In Windows 10
  103. [FIX] Couldn’t Stream Office. Error Code 30183-39 For Office 2016
  105. [FIX] Cursor Disappears Weirdly In Windows 8.1
  106. [FIX] Cursor Freezes Or Disappears In Word For Mac
  107. [FIX] Default Printer Cannot Be Set In Windows 10
  108. [FIX] Delegate Access Option Is Missing In Outlook 2013
  109. [FIX] Deployment Failed With HRESULT: 0x80073CF6, Package Could Not Be Registered. Merge Failure : Error 0x80070003
  110. [FIX] Deployment Failed With HRESULT: 0x80073D02, The Package Couldn’t Be Installed Because Resources It Modifies Are Currently In Use
  111. [FIX] Developer Mode Package Failed To Install. Error Code: 0x80004005
  112. [FIX] Disk Management Could Not Start Virtual Disk Service On Windows 10
  113. [FIX] DISM Error 0x800f081f, The Source Files Could Not Be Found
  114. [FIX] DISM Error 14098, The Component Store Has Been Corrupted
  115. [FIX] DISM Error 1726, The Remote Procedure Call Failed
  116. [FIX] Display Driver Stopped Responding And Has Recovered
  117. [FIX] Download Fix It To Enhance Performance Of Internet Explorer
  118. [FIX] Download Microsoft Account & Windows Store Apps Troubleshooters
  120. [FIX] Driver Configuration Files Consuming Too Much Space Of Hard Drive In Windows 8
  122. [FIX] Error “0x8007007B” For Windows 8 Activation
  123. [FIX] Error “0xc000000f – The Boot Selection Failed Because A Required Device Is Inaccessible”
  124. [FIX] Error “0xC1900101 – 0x40017” ; Couldn’t Update To Windows 8.1
  125. [FIX] Error “ms-windows-store:PurgeCaches” While Resetting App Cache
  126. [FIX] Error “Setting The Lock Screen Failed. Please Try Again” For Windows 8, 8.1
  127. [FIX] Error “Sorry, We Are Having Some Temporary Server Issues” For Office 2013
  128. [FIX] Error “The Update Is Not Applicable To Your Computer” For Windows 8.1
  129. [FIX] Error “This App Can’t Open” For Modern Apps In Windows 8
  130. [FIX] Error “This Feature Has Been Disabled By Your Administrator” For Office 2013
  131. [FIX] Error “This Plugin Is Vulnerable & Should Be Updated” In Firefox
  132. [FIX] Error “Winlogon.exe – No Disk” For Windows 8
  133. [FIX] Error “Your Current Security Settings Do Not Allow This Action” In Windows Media Player
  134. [FIX] Error 0x0000005C While Installing Windows 10 Using Virtualization
  135. [FIX] Error 0x80070079: The Semaphore Timeout Period Has Expired
  136. [FIX] Error 0x80070424 : Windows Firewall Can’t Change Some Of Your Settings
  137. [FIX] Error 0x800704cf – The Network Location Can’t Be Reached
  138. [FIX] Error 0x80070522: A Required Privilege Is Not Held By The Client
  139. [FIX] Error 0x80070716 While Configuring “Windows 7 File Recovery” In Windows 7, 8
  140. [FIX] Error 0x80072EFD – The Server Stumbled For Windows Store
  141. [FIX] Error 0x800F0906 While Enabling Hyper-V In Windows 10
  142. [FIX] Error 0x800F0907 While Installing .NET Framework 3.5 In Windows 10
  143. [FIX] Error 0xc0000135 While Starting Google Chrome
  144. [FIX] Error 0xc0000428, The Digital Signature For This File Couldn’t Be Verified
  145. [FIX] Error 0xC1900101 – 0x20017, We Couldn’t Install Windows 10
  146. [FIX] Error 1719. Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed.
  147. [FIX] Error 80240020 While Installing Windows 10
  148. [FIX] Error Code 0x80070424 For Windows Update, Microsoft Update & Windows Firewall In Windows 7, 8
  149. [FIX] Event 10016 Error, The Application-Specific Permission Settings Do Not Grant Local Activation Permission In Windows 10
  150. [FIX] Failure Configuring Windows Updates. Reverting Changes.
  151. [FIX] Favorites Keeps Rearranging Themselves In Internet Explorer 10, 11
  152. [FIX] File Explorer Not Starting Automatically After Logon In Windows 8, 8.1
  153. [FIX] Get Microsoft Fix It For Windows Vista Aero Effects And Transparency Bugs
  154. [FIX] Get Windows 10 App Icon Missing From Taskbar
  155. [FIX] Getting “explorer.exe – Application Error” While Shutting Down Windows 8.1
  156. [FIX] Getting “Explorer.EXE” Error On Windows 8 Start Up
  157. [FIX] Getting Black Screen After Logging In Windows 7
  158. [FIX] Getting Empty Control Panel In Windows 7, 8
  159. [FIX] Google Chrome Unable To Translate Web Pages
  160. [FIX] Google Search Results Not Displaying Correctly In Internet Explorer 11
  162. [FIX] Hide “Backup In Progress” Notification In Windows 8.1
  163. [FIX] HomeGroup Provider Service Is Not Running In Windows 8 Or Later
  165. [FIX] Incorrect Time Zones In Windows 8
  166. [FIX] Installation Of Service Pack Was Not Successful
  167. [FIX] Intermittent WiFi Connectivity Due To “The Default Gateway Is Not Available” In Windows 8.1
  168. [FIX] Internet Explorer 9 Not Responding
  169. [FIX] Internet Explorer 9 Printing Issues For Generic Printers
  170. [FIX] Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working
  171. [FIX] Internet Explorer Troubleshooting
  172. [FIX] Invalid Value For Registry Error In Windows 10
  173. [FIX] Keyboard Volume & Mute Keys No Longer Working In Windows 8, 8.1
  174. [FIX] Keyboard Windows Key Not Working In Windows 7 Or Later
  175. [FIX] Library-MS Is No Longer Working In Windows 7, 8
  176. [FIX] Lost Administrative Rights In Windows 10
  177. [FIX] Lost Desktop Shortcuts In Windows 7
  178. [FIX] Microsoft Edge Can’t Be Opened Using The Built-in Administrator Account. Sign In With A Different Account And Try Again.
  179. [FIX] Microsoft Excel 2016 Has Stopped Working On Windows 10
  180. [FIX] Microsoft Excel Cannot Open Or Save Any More Documents Because There Is Not Enough Available Memory Or Disk Space
  181. [FIX] Microsoft Office 2010 Installation Failures For Future Updates
  182. [FIX] Microsoft Outlook Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close
  183. [FIX] Microsoft Word 2013 Has Stopped Working
  184. [FIX] Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost And Microsoft.Windows.Cortana Applications Need To Be Installed Correctly
  185. [FIX] MMC Could Not Create The Snap-in. The Snap-in Might Not Have Been Installed Correctly
  186. [FIX] Modern Apps Not Working After Upgrading To Windows 8.1
  187. [FIX] Modern Apps Showing “Offline” Status In Windows 8.1
  188. [FIX] Mozilla Firefox Hangs Whenever Flash Is Displayed
  189. [FIX] Need To Hit “Num Lock” Button For Logging In To Windows 8.1
  190. [FIX] Network Connection Lost When Windows 8 Goes To Sleep
  191. [FIX] Network Connections Showing “Limited WiFi” Status In Windows 8, 8.1
  192. [FIX] Network Icon Showing Error Symbol In Windows 7, 8
  193. [FIX] No Delete Confirmation Dialog In Windows 8.1
  194. [FIX] No New Email Notifications From Mail App In Windows 8.1
  195. [FIX] NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM BSOD In Windows 10
  196. [FIX] Office 2013 Works Only In Safe Mode
  197. [FIX] Office Ran Into A Problem Because Its System Service Is Disabled
  198. [FIX] One Or More Audio Service Isn’t Running In Windows 10
  199. [FIX] Outlook Could Not Create The Work File. Check The Temp Environment Variable.
  201. [FIX] PC Settings App Missing From Windows 8 Start Screen
  202. [FIX] Photos App Live Tile Still Showing Deleted Images In Windows 8.1
  203. [FIX] Photos App Not Working In Windows 10
  204. [FIX] PowerPoint Not Ending Presentation In Mirror Display Mode
  205. [FIX] Print Titles Must Be Contiguous And Complete Rows Or Columns
  206. [FIX] Product Key Related Issues For Microsoft Office 2010
  207. [FIX] Recycle Bin Icon Greyed Out For Desktop Icon Settings
  208. [FIX] Registry Trick To Remove “SecureBoot Isn’t Configured Correctly” Watermark In Windows 8.1
  209. [FIX] Remote Desktop Connection Has Stopped Working In Windows 10
  210. [FIX] Repair Your Windows 8 Using DISM Commands
  211. [FIX] Revocation Information For The Security Certificate For This Site Is Not Available
  212. [FIX] Safely Remove Hardware And Eject Media Icon Missing In Windows
  213. [FIX] Send To OneNote 2016 From Internet Explorer Not Working
  214. [FIX] Server Execution Failed Error In Windows 10
  215. [FIX] Service Registration Is Missing Or Corrupt In Windows 10
  216. [FIX] Settings App Doesn’t Opens Or Launches Store In Windows 10
  217. [FIX] Settings App Personalization Options Disabled In Windows 10
  218. [FIX] Sign-in Process Initialization Failure In Windows 10
  219. [FIX] SkyDrive Doesn’t Synchronize All Files In Windows 8.1
  220. [FIX] Software Incompatibility Issues In Windows Vista, 7
  221. [FIX] Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization
  222. [FIX] Something Happened – Windows 10 Installation Has Failed
  223. [FIX] Something Happened And Your Purchase Can’t Be Completed. Error Code: 0x80248014
  224. [FIX] Something Went Wrong, Error 0x80073CF9 For Windows 10 Store App
  225. [FIX] SPDY Protocol Not Working In Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11
  226. [FIX] Spell Checker Not Working In Word 2013
  227. [FIX] Start Button Not Working In Windows 10
  228. [FIX] Start Menu Items Disappeared In Windows 7
  229. [FIX] Startup Type Options Greyed Out For Services In Windows 8 Or Later
  230. [FIX] Store, Mail And Calendar Apps Not Working In Windows 10
  231. [FIX] System Icons Missing From Taskbar In Windows 10
  232. [FIX] System Restore Is Disabled By Your System Administrator
  233. [FIX] Task Scheduler Service Is Not Available In Windows 10
  234. [FIX] Taskbar Won’t Auto-hide In Windows 10
  235. [FIX] The Action Can’t Be Completed Because The File Is Open In COM Surrogate
  236. [FIX] The Action Can’t Be Completed Because The Folder Or A File In It Is Open In Another Program
  237. [FIX] The Active Directory Domain Services Is Currently Unavailable
  238. [FIX] The App Didn’t Start In The Required Time For Windows 10
  239. [FIX] The Application Has Failed To Start Because Its Side-By-Side Configuration Is Incorrect
  240. [FIX] The Application Wasn’t Installed. Error Code: 0x8e5e0530
  241. [FIX] The Boot Configuration Data File Is Missing Some Required Information In Windows 8
  242. [FIX] The Computer Restarted Unexpectedly Or Encountered An Unexpected Error. Windows Installation Cannot Proceed.
  243. [FIX] The Dependency Service Does Not Exist Or Has Been Marked For Deletion
  244. [FIX] The Disk Is Write Protected Error For USB Drives In Windows 10
  245. [FIX] The Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent Error In Windows 10
  246. [FIX] The Feature You Are Trying To Use Is On A Network Resource That Is Unavailable
  247. [FIX] The Group Policy Client Service Failed The Sign-in. The Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) Type Is Not Supported.
  248. [FIX] The Number Of Connections To This Computer Is Limited And All Connections Are In Use Right Now
  249. [FIX] The Operating System Couldn’t Be Loaded Because A Critical System Driver Is Missing Or Contains Errors
  250. [FIX] The Operating System Is Not Presently Configured To Run This Application
  251. [FIX] The Program Can’t Start Because mfc100u.dll Is Missing From Your Computer
  252. [FIX] The Remote Device Or Resource Won’t Accept The Connection
  253. [FIX] The Server You Are Trying To Access Is Using An Authentication Protocol Not Supported By This Version Of Office
  254. [FIX] The Service Did Not Respond To The Start Or Control Request In A Timely Fashion
  255. [FIX] The Sign-in Method You’re Trying To Use Isn’t Allowed
  256. [FIX] The Software Licensing Service Reported That The License Was Invalid
  257. [FIX] The Specified Domain Either Does Not Exist Or Could Not Be Contacted
  258. [FIX] The Store App Is Blocked In Windows 10
  259. [FIX] The System Could Not Find The Environment Option That Was Entered
  260. [FIX] The Task XML Contains A Value Which Is Incorrectly Formatted Or Out Of Range
  261. [FIX] The User Profile Service Failed The Sign-in. User Profile Cannot Be Loaded.
  262. [FIX] The Windows Security Center Service Can’t Be Started
  263. [FIX] There Is No Email Program Associated To Perform The Requested Action
  264. [FIX] There Is System Repair Pending Which Requires Reboot To Complete. Restart Windows And Run SFC Again
  265. [FIX] There Was A Failure In Preparing The Backup Image Of One Of The Volumes In The Backup Set
  266. [FIX] There Was A Problem Refreshing Your PC. No Changes Were Made.
  267. [FIX] There Was A Problem Sending The Command To The Program
  268. [FIX] There Was A Problem With Connecting To OneDrive
  269. [FIX] There Were Some Problems Installing Windows Updates, But We’ll Try Again Later
  270. [FIX] There’s A Problem With Getting Preview Builds In Windows 10
  271. [FIX] These Results May Be Incomplete, Search Is Still Indexing Your Stuff
  272. [FIX] This App Can’t Run On Your PC
  273. [FIX] This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection
  274. [FIX] This Application Has Requested The Runtime To Terminate It In An Unusual Way
  275. [FIX] This Build Of Windows Will Expire Soon
  276. [FIX] This File Cannot Be Previewed Because There Is No Previewer Installed For It
  277. [FIX] This Operation Has Been Cancelled Due To Restrictions In Effect On This Computer
  278. [FIX] This PC Can’t Run Windows 10 – We Couldn’t Update The System Reserved Partition
  279. [FIX] This Snap-in May Not Be Used With This Edition Of Windows
  280. [FIX] Unable To Access PC Settings & Control Panel In Windows 8
  281. [FIX] Unable To Access Task Manager In Windows 7, 8
  282. [FIX] Unable To Block Pop-up Windows In Mozilla Firefox
  283. [FIX] Unable To Change Desktop Background In Windows 7
  284. [FIX] Unable To Customize Start Screen In Windows 8.1
  285. [FIX] Unable To Insert Office.Com Clip Art In Office 2013
  286. [FIX] Unable To Modify Values In Registry Editor
  287. [FIX] Unable To Open Windows Media Center On Windows 8.1
  288. [FIX] Unable To Read Error Messages In Windows 8 Due To Weird Characters
  289. [FIX] Unable To Reset Default Resolution In Mozilla Firefox
  290. [FIX] Unable To Show Hidden Files And Folders In Windows 8 Or Later
  291. [FIX] Unable To Start “Windows Firewall” Service In Windows 8.1
  292. [FIX] Unable To Use “Copy Path” In Windows 8 Explorer
  293. [FIX] Unable To Use Drag & Drop In Windows 8.1
  294. [FIX] Unable To Use Network Sharing In Windows 8 Due To IPv6 Issues
  295. [FIX] Unexpected Device Error While Casting From Windows 10
  296. [FIX] Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) In Windows 10
  297. [FIX] Unresponsive Script Warnings In Mozilla Firefox
  298. [FIX] Various Issues With PowerPoint 2013 Using Microsoft Update
  299. [FIX] Virus And Spyware Definitions Couldn’t Be Updated In Windows Defender
  300. [FIX] We Can’t Connect To Microsoft Family At The Moment Message In Windows 10
  301. [FIX] We Can’t Create System Recovery Drive On This PC
  302. [FIX] We Can’t Install Some Updates Because Other Updates Are In Progress
  303. [FIX] We Weren’t Able To Connect To The Store. Error 0x80072efd
  304. [FIX] We’re Validating Windows 10 For Your PC
  305. [FIX] Weird Characters For Metro Tiles Manipulation Options In Windows 8
  306. [FIX] Weird Scanning & Repairing Of Drives At Boot Screen
  307. [FIX] WhatsApp Tile Greyed Out In Windows Phone 8.1
  308. [FIX] WiFi Connectivity Lost After Screen Times Out In Windows Phone 8
  309. [FIX] WiFi Not Available After Upgrading To Windows 10
  310. [FIX] WiFi/Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration
  311. [FIX] Windows 10 “Working On It” Message While Upgrade
  312. [FIX] Windows 10 100 Percent Disk Usage Problem
  313. [FIX] Windows 10 Anniversary Update Failed To Install
  314. [FIX] Windows 10 Anniversary Update Problems
  315. [FIX] Windows 10 Credential Manager Error 0x80070057. The Parameter Is Incorrect.
  316. [FIX] Windows 10 Element Not Found Error
  317. [FIX] Windows 10 Flashing Screen Problem
  318. [FIX] Windows 10 Master Boot Record Is Corrupted
  319. [FIX] Windows 10 November Update Fails To Install
  320. [FIX] Windows 10 Stuck In Airplane Mode
  321. [FIX] Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck At 99 Percent
  322. [FIX] Windows 7 SP1 Installation Errors “0x8004a029” Or “0x80004005 – E_FAIL”
  323. [FIX] Windows 7 Taking Long Time To Shut Down
  324. [FIX] Windows 8 “Error 0xc0000221” (Kernel Error) For Multiple Boot
  325. [FIX] Windows 8 Can’t Recognize DVD Drive To Send Files Into It
  326. [FIX] Windows 8 Freezes At Boot Screen
  327. [FIX] Windows 8 Lets Last User Automatically Sign In
  328. [FIX] Windows 8 Not Showing DVD Drive
  329. [FIX] Windows 8 Showing Weird Black Colors In PC Settings
  330. [FIX] Windows 8 Unable To Run Metro Apps At Low Resolution
  331. [FIX] Windows 8.1 Automatically Logs Out After A Minute
  332. [FIX] Windows 8.1 Start Screen App Tiles Become Focused
  333. [FIX] Windows Apps Troubleshooting In Windows 8, 8.1
  334. [FIX] Windows Can’t Be Installed Because This PC Has An Unsupported Disk Layout For UEFI Firmware
  335. [FIX] Windows Can’t Be Installed Because This PC Uses A Compressed Operating System
  336. [FIX] Windows Can’t Set Up A HomeGroup On This Computer
  337. [FIX] Windows Cannot Access The Specified Device, Path, Or File
  338. [FIX] Windows Cannot Be Installed To This Disk. The Selected Disk Has An MBR Partition Table. On EFI Systems, Windows Can Only Be Installed To GPT Disks.
  339. [FIX] Windows Could Not Automatically Detect This Network’s Proxy Settings
  340. [FIX] Windows Could Not Complete The Installation. To Install Windows On This Computer, Restart The Installation
  341. [FIX] Windows Could Not Configure One Or More System Components
  342. [FIX] Windows Could Not Start The Bluetooth Support Service On Local Computer
  343. [FIX] Windows Could Not Start The Network Connections Service On Local Computer
  344. [FIX] Windows Could Not Start The Peer Networking Grouping Service On Local Computer
  345. [FIX] Windows Could Not Start The Print Spooler Service On Local Computer
  346. [FIX] Windows Could Not Start The Software Protection Service On Local Computer
  347. [FIX] Windows Could Not Start The Windows Audio Service On Local Computer
  348. [FIX] Windows Could Not Start The Windows Defender Network Inspection Service On Local Computer
  349. [FIX] Windows Could Not Stop The Microsoft Office ClickToRun Service On Local Computer
  350. [FIX] Windows Could Not Update The Computer’s Boot Configuration. Installation Cannot Proceed.
  351. [FIX] Windows Couldn’t Automatically Bind The IP Protocol Stack To The Network Adapter
  352. [FIX] Windows Defender Needs To Scan Your Computer
  353. [FIX] Windows Encountered A Problem Installing The Driver Software For Your Device
  354. [FIX] Windows Installer Service No Longer Working In Windows 7
  355. [FIX] Windows Media Player Encountered A Problem While Creating Or Saving The Playlist
  356. [FIX] Windows Media Player Has Stopped Working
  357. [FIX] Windows Resource Protection Could Not Perform The Requested Operation
  358. [FIX] Windows Search Service Failed To Start In Windows 8.1
  359. [FIX] Windows SmartScreen Can’t Be Reached Right Now In Windows 10
  360. [FIX] Windows Sockets Registry Entries Required For Network Connectivity Are Missing
  361. [FIX] Windows Spotlight Not Working In Windows 10
  362. [FIX] Windows Store Hangs Or Crashes In Windows 8.1
  363. [FIX] Windows Store Keep Pending Downloads In Windows 8.1
  364. [FIX] Windows Update Encountered An Unknown Error
  365. [FIX] Windows Update Ran Into A Problem. Error Code 8024A008
  366. [FIX] Windows Updates Troubleshooting In Windows 7, 8
  367. [FIX] Windows Was Unable To Connect With Your Bluetooth Network Device
  368. [FIX] Windows XP Sound Problem Troubleshooting
  369. [FIX] Word 2013 Doesn’t Show Recent Documents List Correctly
  370. [FIX] Word Has Run Into An Error That Is Preventing It From Working Correctly
  371. [FIX] You Can Not Set DEP Attributes On 64-bit Executables
  372. [FIX] You Can’t Install Windows On A USB Flash Drive From Setup
  373. [FIX] You Can’t Install Windows While Running In Audit Mode
  374. [FIX] You Do Not Have Permissions To Mount And Modify This Image
  375. [FIX] You Need To Fix Your Microsoft Account For Apps Notification In Windows 10
  376. [FIX] You’ll Need A New App To Open This Calculator
  377. [FIX] You’ll Need A New App To Open This ms-windows-store
  378. [FIX] You’ve Been Signed In With A Temporary Profile In Windows 10
  379. [FIX] Your Account Has Been Disabled. Please See Your System Administrator.
  380. [FIX] Your Computer Appears To Be Correctly Configured, But The Device Or Resource (DNS Server) Is Not Responding
  381. [FIX] Your Device Is Offline. Please Sign In With The Last Password Used On This Device.
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