This article will show you how to access the secret hidden mini God Mode in Windows 8. Read for Windows 7 too.

I think most of you guys have installed the newly released Windows 8 Consumer Preview / Beta. There are a number of hidden features in Windows 8. After playing with Windows 8 couple of days, I came to know about the mini God Mode in its Beta.

As we all know that God Mode is an advanced type of control panel which helps us to control all actions from same place. That’s why it is given the name as God Mode. Probably, most of you have missed this feature in Windows 8. But don’t worry! Here comes the way to access the God Menu in Windows 8.

Actually the God Mode in Windows 8 is shrink-ed like its setup process. This is the reason why I call it the “Mini God Mode”. In Windows 8, God Mode is present right on the desktop, but is hidden by default. The normal users can’t point it out easily. So in order to access it, perform the following steps:

How To : Access The Secret Hidden Mini God Mode In Windows 8

1. In desktop mode, move the cursor  to lower left bottom of the screen to see the new metro start button.

2. Now instead of left-click, do a right click on this button. That’s it. God Mode will now pop-up.

How To Access This In Windows 7

If you are new here, you might also want to know about the God Mode in Windows 7. However, most of you know about this, but let us take a quick reminder. To access the God Mode in Windows 7, follow this:

1. In desktop mode, right-click anywhere (except icons) and move to New -> Folder. It will create a new folder on desktop.

2. Now rename new folder with following string : GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

3. As soon as you changed the name, the new folder icon changes to control panel icon, providing you dozens of action commands which ultimately make you the God of your computer.

That’s it!


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