This article will enlist ultimate collection of 80+ keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Edge browser. The list also includes shortcuts for F12 Developer Tools.

Previously, we told you about Microsoft Edge browser that is introduced with Windows 10. You can read the complete review of its settings and features in following article:

REVIEW: What’s New In Microsoft Edge

Now we’re back with yet another Microsoft Edge dedicated article. In the post, we’re going to share you the ultimate list of keyboard shortcuts that will work with Microsoft Edge. Shortcuts are really handy and they have always helped computer users to work rapidly, reliably and comfortably. Let me demonstrate you this with a cool example. While we are using tools such Word, PowerPoint, Excel, MATLAB, Visual Studio etc. and we have lots of manipulations to made, after each alteration we press Ctrl + S to instantaneously save the document, so that we don’t need to save it manually each time. In this way, we can move forward in our work without any time consumption. This shows how shortcuts are helpful to us.

Ultimate Collection Of Keyboard Shortcuts For Microsoft Edge

Here we have 80+ shortcuts that will help you to work quickly on Microsoft Edge browser. We’ve additionally included Developer tools shortcuts, for optimizing the advanced work you can do with Edge. So here is the list…

Ultimate Collection Of Keyboard Shortcuts For Microsoft Edge

1. F1   Help

2. F5   Refresh currently opened webpage

3. F7    Enable or disable Caret browsing

4. F12     Open F12 Developer Tools

5. CTRL + A     Select all content

6. CTRL + D     Bookmark/add site to Favorites

7. CTRL + E     Open a search query in the address bar

8. CTRL + F     Use to find something on current webpage

9. CTRL + G     Checkout Reading list

10. CTRL + H    Checkout History

11. CTRL + I      Checkout Favorites

12. CTRL + J      Checkout Downloads

13. CTRL + K     Duplicate tab

14. CTRL + L      Go to URL bar

15. CTRL + N     Open new Edge window

16. CTRL + P     Print current page

17. CTRL + R     Refreshes current page; alternative is F5

18. CTRL + T     Open new tab

19. CTRL + W    Close current tab

20. CTRL + +     Zoom in (+ 10%)

21. CTRL + –    Zoom out (- 10%)

22. CTRL + F4     Close currently active tab

23. CTRL + 0     Zoom to 100% (default)

24. CTRL + 1     Switch to first tab

25. CTRL + 2     Switch to tab 2 (provided if it is open)

26. CTRL + 3     Switch to tab 3 if open (provided if it is open)

27. CTRL + 4     Switch to tab 4 if open (provided if it is open)

28. CTRL + 5     Switch to tab 5 if open (provided if it is open)

29. CTRL + 6     Switch to tab 6 if open (provided if it is open)

30. CTRL + 7     Switch to tab 7 if open (provided if it is open)

31. CTRL + 8     Switch to tab 8 if open (provided if it is open)

32. CTRL + 9     Switch to last tab

33. CTRL + Click     Open hyperlink in new tab

34. CTRL + Tab     Switch forward between tabs

35. CTRL + SHIFT + Tab     Switch backward between tabs

36. CTRL + SHIFT + B     On or Off Favorites bar

37. CTRL + SHIFT + K     Open new tab of current tab

38. CTRL + SHIFT + L     Search using copied text

39. CTRL + SHIFT + P     Enter InPrivate browsing window

40. CTRL + SHIFT + R    On or Off Reading view

41. CTRL + SHIFT + T     Reopen the last tab you closed

42. ALT + F4     Close currently active window

43. ALT + D     Directly input into address bar

44. ALT + J     Feedback and send crash reports to Microsoft

45. ALT + Spacebar     Open system menu

46. ALT + Spacebar + C     Close Edge

47. ALT + Spacebar + M     Move Edge window using arrow keys

48. ALT + Spacebar + N     Minimize Edge window

49. ALT + Spacebar + R     Restore Edge window

50. ALT + Spacebar + S     Resize Edge window using arrow keys

51. ALT + Spacebar + X     Maximize Edge window

52. ALT + Left arrow     Bring on previous page

53. ALT + Right arrow     Navigate to next page

54. ALT + X     Open Settings

55. Left arrow     Scroll towards left on current webpage

56. Right arrow     Scroll towards right on current webpage

57. Up arrow     Scroll upwards on current webpage

58. Down arrow     Scroll downwards on current webpage

59. Backspace     Go to previously opened page in the tab

60. Tab     Move forward on currently active webpage elements

61. Shift + Tab    Move backward on currently active webpage elements

62. Home     Navigate towards top of page

63. End     Navigate towards bottom of page

F12 Developer Tools Shortcuts

64. CTRL + SHIFT + I    DOM element highlighting (on DOM Explorer tab)

65. CTRL + B      Select element (on DOM Explorer tab)

66. CTRL + K      Color picker (on DOM Explorer tab)

67. F5 or F8    Continue (on Debugger tab)

68. Hold F5 or F8    Fast Continue (on Debugger tab)

69. CTRL + SHIFT+ F5   Continue and refresh (on Debugger tab)

70. F11   Step into (on Debugger tab)

71. F10    Step over (on Debugger tab)

72. Shift + F11   Step out (on Debugger tab)

73. CTRL + SHIFT + W      Break on new worker (on Debugger tab)

74. CTRL + SHIFT + E     Change exception behavior (on Debugger tab)

75. CTRL + J   Debug just my code (on Debugger tab)

76. CTRL + E    Start/stop profiling to begin a performance session (on Performance, Network, Memory tabs)

77. CTRL + S      Export as HAR (on Network tab)

78. CTRL + O      Import profiling session (on Performance, Memory tabs)

79. CTRL + S      Export profiling session (on Performance, Memory tabs)

80. CTRL + L      Clear errors, warnings, information (on Performance tab)

81. CTRL + SHIFT + T    Take heap snapshot (On Memory tab)

82. CTRL + SHIFT + L     Reset Emulation settings (On Emulation tab)

That’s all about the Microsoft Edge shortcuts! If you know any other shortcut which is not in this list, please feel free to drop it via comment.


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