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The latest Windows Update (cumulative) for Windows 10 right now is KB4038788. Read inside for crucial changes offered & list of files affected by it.

This article is updated whenever Microsoft releases new Cumulative Update for Windows 10. The intention of this post is to inform readers about changes offered with new updates.

Though you may be offered various updates on your Windows 10 but Cumulative Updates are those updates which fixes your system as they offer a group of hotfixes applied. Therefore it is necessary that you should have detailed information about these updates, before you deploy them. If you’ve customized your system settings, it will help you to judge whether you system should go for particular update. In this article, we’re providing you the necessary change-log for every new Cumulative Update pushed by Microsoft.

Latest Windows Update Windows 10

What’s New In KB4038788?

The latest Windows 10 Cumulative Update available right now is KB4038788 and it updates your system to build number 15063.608. The update applies to Windows 10 Version 1703 (Creators Update) and it released on September 12, 2017.

According to Microsoft, following are the highlights of this update:

  • Addressed issue where the color profiles do not revert to the user-specified settings after playing a full-screen game.
  • Updated HDR feature to be turned off by default in the OS.
  • Addressed issue where you can’t open the Start menu when you add a third-party IME.
  • Addressed issue with scanners that rely on inbox driver support.
  • Addressed issue in a Mobile Device Manager Enterprise feature to allow headsets to work correctly.
  • Addressed issue where some machines fail to load wireless WAN devices when they resume from Sleep.
  • Addressed issue where Windows Error Reporting doesn’t clean up temporary files when there is a redirection on a folder.
  • Addressed issue where revoking a certificate associated with a disabled user account in the CA management console fails. The error is “The user name or password is incorrect. 0x8007052e (WIN32: 1326 ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE)”.
  • Addressed issue where LSASS is leaking large amounts of memory.
  • Addressed issue where enabling encryption using syskey.exe renders the system unbootable.
  • Updated the BitLocker.psm1 PowerShell script to not log passwords when logging is enabled.
  • Addressed issue where saving a credential with an empty password to Credential Manager causes the system to crash when attempting to use that credential.
  • Updates to Internet Explorer 11’s navigation bar with search box.
  • Addressed issue in Internet Explorer where undo is broken if character conversion is canceled using IME.
  • Addressed issue with the EMIE where Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer repeatedly switched between each other.
  • Addressed issue where a device may stop responding for several minutes and then stop working with error 0x9F (SYSTEM_POWER_STATE_FAILURE) when a USB network adapter is attached.
  • Addressed issue where some apps cannot be opened because the IPHlpSvc service stops responding during the Windows boot procedure.
  • Addressed issue where spoolsv.exe stops working.
  • Addressed issue where the Get-AuthenticodeSignature cmdlet does not list TimeStamperCertificate even though the file is time stamped.
  • Addressed issue where, after upgrading to Windows 10, users may experience long delays when running applications hosted on Windows Server 2008 SP2
  • Addressed RemoteApp display issues that occur when you minimize and restore a RemoteApp to full-screen mode.
  • Addressed issue that sometimes causes Windows File Explorer to stop responding and causes the system to stop working.
  • Addressed issue that causes the Export-StartLayout cmdlet to fail when exporting the layout of tiles at startup.
  • Addressed issue where the option to join Azure AAD is sometimes unavailable during the out-of-box experience.
  • Addressed issue where clicking the buttons on Windows Action Center notifications results in no action being taken.
  • Security updates to Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows kernel-mode drivers, Windows shell, Microsoft Uniscribe, Microsoft Edge, Device Guard, Windows TPM, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Hyper-V, Windows kernel, and Windows Virtualization.

You can install this update using Windows Update or via Windows PowerShell. To know complete list of files changed with this update, check this.

Windows 10 Update History

Here is the list of all Cumulative Updates released for Windows 10, till date. This list will help you to track which update was failed/not installed/not offered to your machine.

Windows Update Release Date OS Version OS Build
KB4034674 Aug 8, 2017 1703 15063.540
KB4032188 Jul 31, 2017 1703 15063.502
KB4025342 Jul 11, 2017 1703 15063.483
KB4022716 Jun 27, 2017 1703 15063.447
KB4022725 Jun 13, 2017 1703 15063.414
KB4020102 May 25, 2017 1703 15063.332
KB4016871 May 9, 2017 1703 15063.297
KB4016240 Apr 25, 2017 1703 15063.250
KB4014483 Apr 11, 2017 1703 15063.138
KB4016251 Apr 5, 2017 1703 15063.13
KB4016635 Mar 22, 2017 1607 14393.970
KB4015438 Mar 20, 2017 1607 14393.969
KB4013429 Mar 14, 2017 1607 14393.953
KB3216755 Jan 26, 2017 1607 14393.726
KB3213986 Jan 10, 2017 1607 14393.693
KB3206632 Dec 13, 2016 1607 14393.576
KB3201845 Dec 9, 2016 1607 14393.479
KB3200970 Nov 9, 2016 1607 14393.448
KB3197954 Oct 27, 2016 1607 14393.351
KB3194798 Oct 11, 2016 1607 14393.321
KB3194496 Sep 29, 2016 1607 14393.222
KB3193494 Sep 20, 2016 1607 14393.189
KB3189866 Sep 13, 2016 1607 14393.187
KB3176938 Aug 31, 2016 1607 14393.105
KB3176934 Aug 23, 2016 1607 14393.82
KB3176495 Aug 9, 2016 1607 14393.51
KB3176929 Aug 2, 2016 1607 14393.10
KB3192441 Oct 11, 2016 1511 10586.633
KB3185614 Sep 13, 2016 1511 10586.589
KB3176493 Aug 9, 2016 1511 10586.545
KB3172985 Jul 12, 2016 1511 10586.494
KB3163018 Jun 14, 2016 1511 10586.420
KB3156421 May 10, 2016 1511 10586.318
KB3147458 Apr 12, 2016 1511 10586.218
KB3140768 Mar 8, 2016 1511 10586.164
KB3140743 Mar 1, 2016 1511 10586.122
KB3135173 Feb 9, 2016 1511 10586.104
KB3192440 Oct 11, 2016 RTM 10240.17146
KB3193821 Sep 20, 2016 RTM 10240.17113
KB3185611 Sep 13, 2016 RTM 10240.17113
KB3176492 Aug 9, 2016 RTM 10240.17071
KB3163912 Jul 12, 2016 RTM 10240.17024
KB3163017 Jun 14, 2016 RTM 10240.16942
KB3156387 May 10, 2016 RTM 10240.16854
KB3147461 Apr 12, 2016 RTM 10240.16769
KB3140745 Mar 8, 2016 RTM 10240.16725
KB3135174 Feb 9, 2016 RTM 10240.16683

You can read change-log of these updates in detail on this page. Please check back this post to have information about latest Windows Update available.

If you can’t detect/download/install updates, run Windows Update Automated Troubleshooter or reset Windows Update components manually. To uninstall installed updates, check this guide.

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  • hey kapil I’m manish kumar my system is now pro version with the genuine version in that case of the my registry are currepted or many of are missing so how can resolve this problem please provide me the all possible solution please it’s hardly requests

  • sorry for that i had not says to you my windows its windows 10 14393.351 its completed updated

  • Hi Kapil,
    Have been trying to install KB4013429 in windows 10 Pro , OS version 1607 for the last three days and after eight unsuccessful tries, I have given up. Very irritating, it reaches 99% installing and would”nt complete the updates undoing changes and of course reverting to roll back the install of KB4013429.
    I have tried various troubleshooters including window 10 troubleshooter to no avail, so I decided to turn OFF
    windows update. No viruses or malware on the system.

    Any help to fix this problem would be much appreciated. Thanks. Nlthcn.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Hi Nlthcn, try installing it via PowerShell, see if it works for you:

  • After installing the patch KB4022715 for windows 10 version :1607, few machines Network port are not working. I have tried installing the latest driver and few steps mentioned in the other page . In diagnose test the error promoted “windows couldn’t automatically bind the ip protocol stack to the network adapter” .
    I had followed the steps mentioned in the below page also , but no luck . Please help us. almost 70 machines got effected on this.

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