If you can't get into Windows 7 for dual boot with Windows 8 or later, then this article will help you t fix this issue in simple steps.

Are you facing any of these symptoms:

1. Windows 8 in dual boot with Windows 7 doesn’t recognizes it

2. You don’t get the GUI options to select which operating system should boot

3. Set Windows 7 to default boot OS in such scenario and booting not completed

If yes, read on to discover a solution. Recently one of my friend reported me that he has Windows 7 in dual boot with Windows 8. But the issue is that he can’t access Windows 7 because the computer doesn’t sends option to choose Windows 7 while booting.

In such cases the option shown below wouldn’t work:

Along with it, when you access System Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Startup and Recovery -> System Startup -> Default Operating System, it will show you Windows 8 only if it is the issue with you.

So how to solve this issue? How to make a boot to Windows 7? Well, here is the way you can opt to resolve this problem…

FIX : Can’t Get Into Windows 7 For Dual Boot With Windows 8

1. Press + Q, type cmd. Right click and Run it as administrator.

2. In the elevated command prompt, type the following command:

bcdedit /enum /v

3. In the above shown window, carefully note the identifier string for Windows 7. In our case, its b4aacc82-efa1-11e0-84aa-83305f6d4ba0.

Finally run the following command:

 bcdedit /default {b4aacc82-efa1-11e0-84aa-83305f6d4ba0}

4. After running above command, the system will set Windows 7 as default booting OS. So reboot now to get into Windows 7.

Once you booted to Windows 7, add the entry for Windows 8 using bcdedit command line tool. In case you want to let Windows 7 remain as default OS, you do not need to run bcdedit tool to add Windows 8.

Hope this helps!


  • Great! Hw cn i remove the Ubuntu entry from same bcdedit tool?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ You can remove Ubuntu in same way by using delete parameter of Ubuntu’s identifier string.

    First remove it from boot entry and the format its partition :)

  • Cool tips, thank u

  • Excellent trick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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