This article will tell you about the FastestFox extension for Google Chrome to make it more faster and improve user experience.

As we all know Google Chrome is the fastest and lightest browser among other web browsers. But today we will share you an awesome extension for Google Chrome that enhances the browsing experience. FastestFox, is a useful extension for your Chrome browser which offers several useful tools that can make your time on the web more productive.

FastestFox : Free Extension To Make Google Chrome Faster

Actually it doesn’t increase the loading speed of the page but adds some new features to the browser and reduces your total browsing time–which is kind of like making Chrome faster. The best feature it adds in the browser is endless pages i.e. it automatically loads the next page just before you reach at the end of the page in search results so that you don’t need to click on ‘Next’.

Key Features:

  • To open searches in a new tab middle click the icon.
  • Look up definitions instantly by highlighting a word.
  • It shows you relevant results from real-time and shopping search engines such as OneRiot and Amazon.
  • Endless pages which I told you in the last paragraph.
  • Search more conveniently: Select text then click on a search engine to search.
  • Automatically turns text URLs into links.
  • Adds related articles to Wikipedia.
  • To disable Superfish slide-ups, go to Wrench -> Tools -> Extensions -> FastestFox -> Options.

This extension used to cause unsecured connections to https websites but the issue has been fixed in the latest release so no security has been compromised. You can use this extension safely. Those who have used FastestFox, a similar add-on for Firefox browser, they are already familiar of the features browser got after the installation of extension. If you have heard this extension first time, try it you’ll love it for sure.

Download and install FastestFox for Chrome from below link:

Download FastestChrome



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