If you can't delete user account using Settings app or via User Accounts applet in Windows 10, here is how to fix this issue.

Earlier, we’ve shared you following guide to erase unwanted users accounts from your system:

How to delete user account in Windows 10

By following above mentioned guide, we were still not able to remove a user account from one of the systems. Actually, when go to Settings app > Accounts > Family & other people, the Remove option doesn’t appears for the user we want to delete.

Next, we tried to remove the user account by NETPLWIZ method but it doesn’t worked as well. So we caught into situation where we need to try some other way to get the user account removed from machine. If you’re also facing same situation, here’s how you can proceed now.

FIX: Can’t Delete User Account In Windows 10

FIX 1 – Using LUSRMGR Snap-in

FYI: This FIX will only work in Windows 10 Pro, Education and Enterprise editions. For other editions, refer FIX 2 below.

1. Press W8K + R and type lusrmgr.msc in Run dialog box to open Local Users and Groups snap-in. Click OK.

Local Users and Groups

2. In the lusrmgr window, right click on the user which you want to remove. In the context menu appearing next, click Delete.

Can't Delete User Account In Windows 10

3. In the confirmation prompt, click on Yes button and the user account should be removed now.

Can't Delete User Account In Windows 10

If the user account is still present, try FIX 2 mentioned below.

FIX 2 – Using Command Prompt

1. Right click on Start Button and select Command Prompt (Admin).

2. In the administrative Command Prompt window, type command mentioned below and press Enter key:

net users

This will list all user accounts present on the system.

Can't Delete User Account In Windows 10

3. Now identify the exact user name for the account you want to delete and type this command, press Enter key:

net user "<USER-NAME>" /delete

You should substitute <USER-NAME> with actual user account name in your case in above command.

When you see ‘The command completed successfully‘ message, the user account should be erased.

Hope this helps!

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