This article will tell you what is the root cause for 'Device Census is using the webcam' notification in Windows 10, and how to fix it.

Consider a scenario that you’re using Windows 10 and your device have webcam installed. You also have a third-party antivirus installed such as ESET or Kaspersky. Then while using your system, you receive following notification:

Device Census is using the webcam

Now you may be thinking what is the Device Census and why it is using the webcam. If you’re new to Windows 10, your doubt will be obvious for this situation. In this article, we’ll tell you the root cause of this issue and how you can fix.

FIX: Device Census Is Using The Webcam In Windows 10

Okay, so as per Microsoft, “Device Census is a background process that runs to check your device and inform Microsoft which build would fit perfect for an update.

This clears out the confusion and tells us that Device Census is genuine Windows process. It is not any virus or security risk. It will usually collect the data such as your operating system edition, system architecture, system locale, Insider Preview ring level (if you’re using Preview build). Device Census may also use your webcam to determine hardware usage. This is actual root cause for the title message.

So now as we know that Device Census is not a spy on your system, you should not have fear of let it running. However, if you’re still in dilemma that this process should not run on your system, you can block it.

Please refer our following guide and turn off webcam access on your system:

How To Allow/Prevent Apps To Access Camera In Windows 10

How To Allow Prevent Apps To Access Camera In Windows 10

Once you turn off or prevent the webcam access on your device, the notification should no longer appear.

Or if you want to let other apps access but want to prevent Device Census from using it, simply turn off webcam access for Feedback hub app.

Hope this works for you!

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