Bring the old start button and start menu back in Windows 8 with Start Menu X.

Start Menu and Start button were most used components in recent OS editions. But unfortunately, Microsoft has removed both the components in recently released Windows 8. Due to removal of both components, most of users want to remain using Windows 7. If you also belongs to the category of these users, you’ll surely leave this category after reading this article.

Start Menu X : Bring Start Button & Menu In Windows 8

Today I am going to share a freeware tool to get the Start Menu and Start Button back in Windows 8. This tool is the “Start Menu X”, designed especially to pull the Start Menu in drastic conditions.

Start Menu X immediately brings the Start Button and Start Menu as soon as you install it. The above screenshot shows the Start Menu retrieved by the this tool.

The Start Menu shown by this utility is very clean and minimal. It would be good for those users who hates Metro. This type of Start Menu comes default with Windows Vista. Also you can perform the quick search in similar as you do in Windows 7.

Now lets talk about the Start Button, the Start Button (Start ORB) gained by this tool is fully customizable. You can customize it with various images. Here it is:

This tool is available in both freeware and paid version. You can download the free version at


1. The Official Website of this tool doesn’t show platform for Windows 8, but when we tested it on Windows 8, its working without any issues.

2. This tool is supported in both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations.

Hope you’ll find the article useful!


  • it is full of bugs.. shame on you!

  • thats great.. how many bucks it cost for pro?

  • Start Menu 7(now called Start Menu X) and Vista Start Menu both work on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. But now the problem is that both websites are down and have been not working since yesterday See


    The links and download mirrors are not working.

    I found this out yesterday when I had just set up Windows 8 for a friend and he wanted a Windows 7 start menu in his new install of Windows 8. But I cannot get onto either website to download the program.I get a message saying “webpage not available.” And the link on this page and download mirror does not work either. And I have tried other download sites including Softpedia and I cannot download either program from there either.

    So it could be that the makers of the software have either moved their website or have discontinued the software. But I don’t understand it, as only 2 days ago both websites were working and you could download both programs. but not now,you cannot even get onto the websites or even download them from anywhere else. Andrea Borman.

  • Wow. Check this out.

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