If you're receiving "We couldn't sign you in. Bad Length'' while signing in to Windows Store or in any other Microsoft device, try this fix.

There exists various scenarios when you can receive Bad Length error while using a Microsoft device. So no matter, if you’re on Windows Store, OneDrive, Xbox One or simply on Windows 8 or later operating system – the bad length error may appear if something is wrong with associated Microsoft account. In such cases, when you opt to use for your Microsoft account, you receive this error:

We couldn’t sign you in


Bad Length


We Couldn't Sign You In. Bad Length Error For Windows Store

The basic root cause behind this problem is yet not documented anywhere in Microsoft‘s support. So there is no selective fix to solve this problem. But there exists an workaround which have helped a considerable number of users who have faced such kind of hitch on their system. That workaround is mentioned here, you can also try its similar approach on your Microsoft device (other than Windows operating system) and see if it helps :

FIX : “We Couldn’t Sign You In. Bad Length” Error For Windows Store

1. Open PC Settings app on your system and go to your account section. Since you’re facing issue, you’re obviously using Microsoft account on your system, hence click Disconnect as shown here:

We Couldn't Sign You In. Bad Length Error For Windows Store

2. Then you’ll receive following screen, type your Microsoft account password here:

We Couldn't Sign You In. Bad Length Error For Windows Store

3. Next, type in the required information here in order to switch into local account:

We Couldn't Sign You In. Bad Length Error For Windows Store

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  • It worked! Just want to say that this worked for me and I’m so happy cause my Netflix works now!!

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad we could help :)

  • Just wanted to say it worked for me too, no more mucking around on windows love mail.
    Many thanks

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad it helped! :)

  • my microsoft account is unable to log in i.e *email removed for privacy* in pc so give my password i forgot

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