In this guide, learn how to enable or disable Mobile hotspot in Windows 10 using registry manipulation or via Group Policy.

In Windows 10, you can use Mobile hotspot feature to share the Internet connection to other nearby devices. The feature is available in almost all Windows 10 versions. To convert your Windows 10 into hotspot, simply go to Settings app > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot and turn On the feature.

How To Disable Mobile Hotspot In Windows 10

By default, Mobile hotspot feature is configurable by users. The feature will be entirely missing, if your machine or network adapter doesn’t support hosting network due to absence of required hardware. In case if you’re on multiple user system and want to disable Mobile hotspot feature so that others can’t enable it, this article is for you. Try below mentioned registry manipulation to disable Mobile hotspot feature.

How To Enable/Disable Mobile Hotspot In Windows 10

Registry Disclaimer: The further steps will involve registry manipulation. Making mistakes while manipulating registry could affect your system adversely. So be careful while editing registry entries and create a System Restore point first.

1. Press W8K + R and put regedit in Run dialog box to open Registry Editor (if you’re not familiar with Registry Editor, then click here). Click OK.

Windows 10 Registry Editor

2. In left pane of Registry Editor window, navigate to following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Network Connections

How To Disable Mobile Hotspot In Windows 10

3. Now in the right pane of Network Connections registry key, right click and select New > DWORD Value. Name the newly created registry DWORD (REG_DWORD) as NC_ShowSharedAccessUI. This registry DWORD can be used to enable/disable Mobile hotspot feature in Windows 10. Double click on this registry DWORD to modify its Value data:

How To Disable Mobile Hotspot In Windows 10

4. Set the Value data for this registry DWORD to 0 for disabling Mobile hotspot feature. Click OK. Close Registry Editor.

Now go to Settings app > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot. You’ll see that the feature can no longer be enabled or configured because of Some settings are hidden or managed by your organization message at top.

Hotspot Not Working After Windows 10 Update

To enable the Mobile hotspot feature again, you can simply delete NC_ShowSharedAccessUI registry DWORD created in step 3.

Group Policy Setting: If you want to disable Mobile hotspot feature on multiple machines in your organization/workplace, you can deploy the relevant GPO setting(s). Configure Prohibit use of Internet Connection Sharing on your DNS domain network setting at Computer configuration > Administrative templates > Network > Network Connections to Disabled

That’s it!

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  • Thanks very much! That works!
    Thanks for this simple trick.
    But I am still wondering would that cause any other side effect?
    I search online and seems that mean “Prohibit Internet Connection Sharing”.
    I do not need to share anything with anyone in my computer.
    Is there anything I need to concern?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ There is no side effect. If you disable it, the Internet connection can’t be shared you and reverse is true, when you enable it.

  • Thank you! It works

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad it worked 😊

  • I did so and am able to connect to the hotspot created by my Win computer. However, my phone which i connect to the hotspot says Internet connection now available through I tried this with multiple phone and multiple times. I also tried playing the the sharing properties of the network adapter, both Ethernet and Microsoft Virtual Wifi adapter to see if it solves the issues, but to no avail.
    It has recently stopped working this way. I remember it used to work before (after i fixed group policy and UI access issue).
    I have a company laptop configured with company administrator settings.

    Any idea what might be the issue and how to fix it?


  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Try Network Reset once:

  • Still the same issue. Is there a way to determine which policy/setting in the computer might be stopping internet from being shared?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ In case if any GPO setting applied on your system, find it using this guide:

  • Indeed, “Prohibit use of Internet Sharing on your DNS domain network” is enabled by higher precedence GPO, while i had disabled it using gpedit previously. It shows that GPO over and above my group policy setting of disabled, and does not give me a way to edit it in rsop.msc. Must be set by the central org admin. Is there a way i can override this and disabled the policy with a higher precedence, at least on a per boot instance basis (like write to reg entry every time i want to enable this, even if it can’t be made permanent)?

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and feedback.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ You can’t do that, as long as you’re connected to corporate account. You need to leave domain and login with your local account to make such changes.

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