In this post, learn how to show or hide thumbnails in Windows 10 using Folder options in File Explorer or via System Properties.

In Windows 10, thumbnail previews are enabled by default. These previews helps you to identify images/videos you’re looking for, in large folders without opening them. Thumbnails on folders will help you to remind, what content you’ve put inside the folder earlier. So in this way, thumbnail previews are totally for user convenience.

How To Show Hide Thumbnails In Windows 10

You can show or hide thumbnails as per your requirement. In this article, we’ll provide two simplified methods to enable/disable thumbnail previews in your Windows 10. You can try either of these methods as per your convenience.

How To Show/Hide Thumbnails In Windows 10

Method 1 – Via Folder Options

1. Press W8K + E to open File Explorer.

2. Under File Explorer ribbon, click View > Options > Change folder and search options.

How To Show Hide Thumbnails In Windows 10

3. In Folder Options window, switch to View tab. Under Advanced settings, check Always show icons, never thumbnails option to hide thumbnails. While you can uncheck same option to display thumbnails. Click Apply followed by OK.

How To Show Hide Thumbnails In Windows 10

Your select setting will be applied with immediate effect.

Method 2 – Via System Properties

1. Press W8K + R and type SYSDM.CPL in Run. Click OK or press Enter key.

System Properties Windows 10

2. In System Properties window, on Advanced tab, click Settings button under Performance heading.

How To Show Hide Thumbnails In Windows 10

3. Next, in Performance Options window, on Visual Effects tab, select Custom. Then uncheck Show thumbnails instead of icons to hide thumbnails in Windows 10. Or check same option to let thumbnails shown, which is default setting as well. Click Apply, OK.

How To Show Hide Thumbnails In Windows 10

We unchecked the above option and saved settings. To confirm results, we can see thumbnails are no longer displayed now:

How To Show Hide Thumbnails In Windows 10

Group Policy Setting: If you want to disable thumbnails on multiple machines in your organization/workplace, you can deploy the relevant GPO setting(s). Configure Turn off the display of thumbnails and only display icons setting at User configuration > Administrative templates > Windows Components > File Explorer to Enabled.

That’s it!

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