While updating apps in Windows Phone 8 or later, if you face error "The Microsoft account service is unavailable right now", then fix is here.

Whenever you update an app on your Windows Phone using Windows Phone Store, it firstly confirms some checkpoints. Basically, it checks for the correct user location for the region selected in phone’s setting plus it verifies the user details like payment method, age restriction for the apps etc. Thus when everything is verified, you’ll be able to grab the app from the Store. Today, while updating an app, I came around following error on my Windows Phone:

The Microsoft account service is unavailable right now. Try again later.

You can face this error on your Windows Phone under following scenarios:

  • When connected to poor network connection, most probably on EDGE aka 2G connections or an intermittent WiFi network
  • You’re on roaming

If you’re pretty sure that above mentioned points are not applicable to you, it can be concluded that date and time settings on your phone isn’t intersecting with Windows Phone Store servers. So try these steps to fix this issue:

FIX : “The Microsoft Account Service Is Unavailable Right Now” While Updating Apps

1. Go to Start Screen, tap Settings tile.

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2. In the SETTINGS screen, scroll down to look for date+time option and tap it.

3. Next, in date+time screen under SETTINGS, make sure the options Set date and time automatically and Set time zone automatically are turned On.

Once you have set those options to On, you can re-open Windows Phone Store and retry to update apps, it should work fine by now.

Hope this helps!


  • After Date & Time change I not got solutions of error The Microsoft Account Service Is Unavailable Right Now” While Updating Apps in Nokia Lumia 530

  • This method isn’t working for me.!!?

  • Thanks.was not helpful though

  • this method couldn’t help me

  • this method didnt work for me i tried everything but no help

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ It may be possible the service is actually down. Suggest you to re-check after few hours.

  • Nothing works—it has been about 48 hours since I noticed the problem, so I doubt that the Microsoft service is actually down, Date/time is accurate; re-entering password into settings on phone does not work. Help, please.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Also make sure you’ve installed latest phone updates available for you.

  • l have checked Time Zone &Date to be accurate on my mobile I still encounter the very problem:The Microsoft service is un available at the moment,try again later.Checking my passwords in my account to no avail.Please help..

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ You can check the status of issue after few hours or few reboots, see if there are any differences in situation.

  • I’m having same issue. I even reset my phone and now I can’t even sign in to my account. How do I update my phone whiles I haven’t signed in? It’s been 6 days now and I can’t do anything on my phone. Please help me. By the way, I’ve tried over WiFi ,my time is also correct

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Go to Settings and re-sync your Microsoft account. If it asks you to verify, do it. In case if issue still occurs, add another account and set it as primary account, see if it helps.

  • Last error I’d fixed it with the date and time but now this Isn’t working again so please help me fix this hope you can

  • I’ve been having this problem, every time I try to download a app in the windows store or change my password, it would always say the service is down and check back later after I put in my password.

  • It worked for me, this way: Automatic time and zone was already on, so I turned it off. Then I Turned off Wifi and tried to update with mobile data. The error message was gone by then and the update started (also of other apps with pending update). I cancelled all updates, then started to update whatsapp. Then I got the message, that update will start when I am on wifi, so I turned wifi on and I could finally update… Thanks for the hints about automatic time/zone and wifi network, it helped… :)

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