Here's how to recover your compromised Microsoft account, in case if your account is blocked as result of unusual activity.

A single Microsoft account is quite enough to enjoy most of Microsoft products and services, such as Mail, OneDrive, Skype etc. etc. Thus it is very essential that your safeguard your Microsoft account using Identity Verification App. Because losing your single Microsoft account will block you from using many Microsoft services.

In this article, we’ll see the things to do when your Microsoft account is compromised. The “compromised” term here implies that someone else has accessed your account by hacking (or using some illegal ways). In such a condition, the hacker will have access to your personal data and your information can be easily misused. You must react immediately, as soon as you came to know that your account is compromised. You can review this from your account’s recent activity page (

How To Recover Your Compromised Microsoft Account

Here are some suggestions to recover your compromised Microsoft account.

How To Recover Your Compromised Microsoft Account

WAY 1 – Recover, If Your Account Is Blocked

Usually, Microsoft provides some initial security for your Microsoft account. This means if they notice unusual activities from your account, they’ll immediately block it. Once the account is blocked, hackers would not be able to anything, unless they proves the identity. This is stage, where you can easily recover your account.

See this article, to learn how to recover blocked Microsoft account.

WAY 2 – Close Your Account

By following WAY 1, you should be able to recover your account. After you enabled additional security steps on the account, it should be safe to use. But in case, if you observe that after recovering your account, your personal data is no longer available on it, it might be deleted by hacker. In case your private data is breached, you may want to close your Microsoft account in such a case.

Before you close or deactivate your Microsoft account, you should close subscriptions associated with your account, and backup, if any personal information is still present on account. Then refer this article, to deactivate or close your account.

After you’ve closed your compromised Microsoft account, you can create a new Microsoft account and make sure you enable two-factor authentication in advance, to safeguard your account.

That’s it!

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