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If in your Windows 8 or 8.1 there are no new email notifications From Mail App on the screen, then this article will show you how to fix it.

With Windows 8 and later updates to this edition, Microsoft has tried to make their operating system fully optimized for social networking. This become possible due to availability of all the leading social network apps in Windows Store. Using these apps, you can connect people socially on the go. Basically, these Windows touch operating systems are having built-in Microsoft apps using which you can manage your Outlook emails, OneDrive storage, XBOX stuff, Skype integration and so on.

Recently, we observed that the built-in Mail app is no longer notifying us about the arrivals of new messages. We faced this issue with our Windows 8.1 edition running on Surface 2. There are no restrictions that this issue is limited to tablets only, and you can face it even on your Desktop. Here is how we fixed it, hope this should work for you as well:

FIX : No New Email Notifications From Mail App In Windows 8.1

1. Open the Mail app. Press Windows Key + I to get Settings charm. Click Accounts.

2. Next, select the email account, for which you’re facing the issue of getting no email notifications.

3. Now make sure, in the next screen of charm, you have checked the Email option for Content to sync section. Also in the Organize your email section, select All Emails from the drop down menu.

4. Close the Mail app and reboot the system. After restarting the machine, you’ll be able to get new email notifications from the Mail app as usual.

That’s it!

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