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[FIX] Windows 8 Not Showing DVD Drive

March 23, 2012

If your Windows 8 not showing DVD drive or if you're facing trouble in using DVD Drive on your system, then this fix might be helpful for you.

[FIX] Windows 8 Freezes At Boot Screen

March 21, 2012

If your Windows 8 freezes at boot screen and doesn't proceeds beyond that and stays there for hours, then this fix might solve your problem.

Recent Comments

  • Kapil Arya : ^^ Do you still have the issue after trying above mentioned fix?...

    11 hours ago

  • jimc : Been there. Done that. The more I use windows 10 the more I like linux...

    11 hours ago

  • Lieve Fivez : I can't use MY Connect for my new tomt Tom Tom because I get this mess...

    19 hours ago

  • Kapil Arya : ^^ It won't create any problem provided you delete the correct registr...

    20 hours ago

  • richard : by deleting the registory editor does it create any problem????does we...

    20 hours ago