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If you're facing the issue of getting unresponsive script warnings in Mozilla Firefox on your Windows operating system, then fix is here.

Yesterday, when I was browsing web through my favorite browser i.e Firefox, got the sudden script error. This was an unresponsive script error, however I don’t find any root cause for this at sudden. But after doing a lot of core tweaking with Firefox configuration file, finally I successfully fixed the error. Here is the screenshot of the error:

As you can see the image above, the error may be occur if:

  • If Firefox does not supports the script of webpage
  • If any-one of add-on installed on Firefox has contradiction with script of webpage
  • If support file for Firefox have false scripts, or if it is not exactly connecting with Firefox (above screenshot shows this).

Here clicking on Continue doesn’t makes anything right, while clicking Stop script collapses Firefox. So without wasting the time in talks, lets see how to troubleshoot this issue in very handy way. This error can be experienced any time on any version of Firefox, so here is the fix:

FIX : Unresponsive Script Warnings In Mozilla Firefox

1. In the location bar of Firefox, type about:config. Now click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.

2. Moving on, type following preference in the Search box:


3. Now double click on the resulted entry. Here, this preference has default value of 10. In order to remove the Unresponsive Script Warnings, we have to make this value as 20. So input 20 in the Enter integer value window.

4. That’s it. Restart Firefox and the issue is resolved now.

NOTE : If you again want to get the error (means want to notified about script failures), simply right-click on preference and select Reset.

That’s it!

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  • AwEsOmE!!!

  • thanks kapil bhai.. looks like errors r ur friends :#

  • hez man u r not alone faced me 2
    i dont understand it 1st bt got stucked wid it,

    thnx a lot mate,.

  • hello! how could i change the background of any site with my pic in ff? any idea#

  • Nice FIND Kapil ….thanks

  • @ kyle, use styler add-on :)

  • then i already make .. then what can i do it “?

  • Your question is tpetry vague. Can you give more specific information about the error, such as the error code?In general, a script error could be caused by not having the most current version of Java or Adobe Flash installed. Try installing those two and see if the problem goes away.The error code will provide a better clue as to what the actual problem is, though.

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