If you're unable to repair boot records for Windows 10 using 'bootec /fixboot' command, and you received Access is denied, here is how to fix it.

Long time back, we shared you the article to fix, if your Windows 10 not booting. Usually, it can be fixed by repairing boot records as shown in this article:

FIX: Master Boot Record Is Corrupted In Windows 10

In the above mentioned article, some users were not able to execute a specific command. When they run bootrec /fixboot command, they receive Access is denied message instead of The operation completed successfully.

FIX 'bootrec /fixboot' Access Is Denied In Windows 10

As the command didn’t worked out, users were not able to repair the boot records, and thus can’t fix booting problem. In case if you’re also facing the similar issue, here is how you can fix it.

FIX: ‘bootrec /fixboot’ Access Is Denied In Windows 10

Please follow these steps carefully.

1. Boot into Advanced Recovery Options.

2. Under Advanced options screen, select Command Prompt. Select your administrator account and provide its password to open Command Prompt.

3. In Command Prompt window, type following commands one-by-one and press Enter key after each:


This opens DiskPart utility.

list disk

List all disks on your system.

sel disk #

Replace # with disk number on which Windows is currently installed.

list volume

List all volumes on previously selected disk.

sel volume #

Replace # with volume number with EFI partition.

assign letter=K:

Assigns letter K to EFI partition volume selected previously. If drive letter K is already assigned to any of your drives, pick another drive letter.


Exits DiskPart utility.


Changes to K: drive.

format K: /FS:FAT32

Format the EFI partition with FAT32 file system.

bcdboot C:\windows /s K: /f UEFI

Repairs the boot loader.

4. Retry with bootrec /fixboot and it should work fine this time.

5. Once you’re satisfied with results, close Command Prompt and reboot to get the booting problem resolved.

In case, if this solution doesn’t worked for you, drop us a comment. We’ll help you further.

Hope this helps!


  • Hello, unfortunately this fix didn’t help. I still get access denied after /fixboot again

  • This failed to work for me either. Everything seemed to work but the bootrec /fixboot gave the same error..”Access is denied”.

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