In this article, learn how to fix, when Microsoft Edge fails to load local IP addresses or sites on Windows 10 with "Hmmm…can’t reach this page" message.

Microsoft Edge is the primary browser that comes with Windows 10. Microsoft has improved this browser continually in every version of Windows 10. But still there are some compatibility features in which Edge lacks as compared to previous Microsoft‘s propriety browser, i.e. Internet Explorer. However, Microsoft has also kept Internet Explorer on Windows 10, so that users may use it for older sites and where users have problem with Microsoft Edge, on compatibility.

Recently, we came around an issue in which we were note able to load local IP addresses or sites. The local IP address or sites may be limited to your working environment and works as a bridge to connect various local devices using network. So whenever we tried to load local IP address, we got the familiar Hmmm…can’t reach this page message (refer below shown screenshot). However, local sites/IP addresses continue to load in Internet Explorer without any problem.

FIX Microsoft Edge Fails To Load Local IP Address

If you’re also facing this issue with Microsoft Edge on your system, you need to add your local sites or IP address to trusted sites list. Microsoft Edge will then start loading trusted sites/IP addresses without any issues.

So here’s how to fix this issue:

FIX: Microsoft Edge Fails To Load Local IP Address

1. Press W8K + R and type inetcpl.cpl in the Run dialog box, to open Internet Properties.

Internet Explorer Properties

2. In Internet Properties window, switch to Security tab. Select Trusted sites and then click Sites.

FIX Microsoft Edge Fails To Load Local IP Address

3. Moving on, in Trusted sites window, type the complete address for your local site/IP address and click Add.

FIX Microsoft Edge Fails To Load Local IP Address

4. In this way, add all the local sites/IP addresses to this list. You can use wildcard entries as well, for example, https://192.168.1.*. Click Close when you’re done and then click Apply, OK to save the settings on Internet Properties page.

FIX Microsoft Edge Fails To Load Local IP Address

Now reboot your machine and try to load local sites/IP address in Microsoft Edge and this time it should work fine.

FIX Microsoft Edge Fails To Load Local IP Address

FYI: Microsoft Edge not loading local IP addresses/sites is known issue with KB4480116 on Windows 10 V1809. Microsoft is currently aware of this problem and is working on a resolution. So if you’re facing this problem after installing KB4480116, you can try above mentioned workaround. Microsoft has resolved the issue with KB4487044. Please install KB4487044, if you’re affected with this issue on V1809.

Hope this helps!

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