Apple is ready to release iOS 8 to their iDevices, this article will provide you information about this biggest iOS update ever.

Good news for iOS fans! iOS is set to be released in few hours and you can get it on your iDevices very soon. After Apple‘s movement to improvement of user interface (UI) which we have seen in iOS 7 released last year, this year iOS 8 is taking one step ahead of the revolution. According to Apple, “iOS 8 comes with big updates to apps you use every day, like Messages and Photos. A whole new way to share content with your family. And exciting new connections between apps and between devices. All that and more make iOS 8 the biggest iOS release ever.

So currently you have following tasks to perform in order to make you iDevice ready for the update:

  • Free up up-to 4 GB 5.8 RAM so that any possibility in upgrading the device can be suppressed
  • Backup all your stuff using iTunes or iCloud
  • Charge the device up to 90% for updating on battery power or plug it to power source if the battery is below 60%

Here is the list of new features you can are about to get in iOS 8 as claimed by Apple:

iOS 8 : New Features

  • Stability improvements in the built-in apps such as Photos, Messages, Store etc.
  • Notifications center which received latest updates during iOS 7, which get a responsive UI followed by further improvements
  • Keyboard that could identify whether you’re in Messages or Email app
  • Allows family sharing of content
  • iCloud Drive, the cloud computing service like OneDrive, will support all kind of files
  • Better connectivity with other Apple devices
  • Miscellaneous security and stability improvements

iOS 8 : Supported Devices

Following devices cracks the eligibility test to receive iOS 8 update:

iPods & iPhones : iPod touch 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iPads: iPad Mini, iPad with Retina Display, iPad Air, iPad Mini and the iPad Mini with Retina Display

iOS 8 : Worldwide Release Time

Following chart enlists the approximate time for the geographical regions to get iOS 8:

That’s all about what you need to know right now. Checkout this guide for how to update your iDevice. We’ll soon post a review about the new features inside iOS 8. Thanks to our friend “RP” for update.

Stay tuned!


  • Sounds interesting but not any big new feature since iOS 7 n it thing it’s only security update. I won’t update until reviews out ;)

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Yeah, iOS 8 can be considered as hotfix to iOS 7. I’m expecting a fix for unwanted zooming while you set a new wallpaper either for home or lock screen. Fingers crossed!

  • Lol I have numerous issues with their OS let see what we can get………

  • Its now available in india yipeee i mupdating my iphone now ===^_^

  • Can u pls share is it useful to upgrade i8 or not i dont want to delete my data for this silly update

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Review now available, checkout:

  • Thanks sir ::)

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