When you've no sound on Windows 10 & troubleshooter says "One or more audio service isn't running" but doesn't fixes it, here is how to resolve it manually.

Consider a scenario, you start your Windows 10 machine, and very soon you realize that there is no sound available on your system. Then to deal with the problem, you head over to Playing Audio troubleshooter and run it. After few minutes, the troubleshooter found an issue which is unresolved and mentioned in the report it generated:

One or more audio service isn’t running (Detected)

Both the Windows Audio and the Windows Audio End Point Builder services must be running for audio to work correctly. Atleast one of these services isn’t running.

One Or More Audio Service Isn't Running In Windows 10

As you can see that the troubleshooter has detected the problem but not attempted to fix it, hence you need to do the same manually. This problem might occur due to involvement of various factors such as device driver, corresponding hardware and audio services plus their dependency services. Whatever is culprit, you just go ahead with the suggestions mentioned below and solve this issue.

FIX : One Or More Audio Service Isn’t Running In Windows 10

Here are the suggestions worth trying in this case:

SUGGESTION 1: Check the audio dependency services named Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder inside Services snap-in. You need to make sure both of these services are Running in background and have their Startup type set to Automatic. The dedicated steps are mentioned in FIX 1 here.

One Or More Audio Service Isn't Running In Windows 10

SUGGESTION 2: Following point 1, if you can’t start either of these services and get Error 1740: The endpoint is duplicate, you can try steps mentioned here.

SUGGESTION 3: If you’ve any third-party sound related program installed, uninstall or remove it for a while and see if that solves this problem.

SUGGESTION 4: You can also try uninstalling your sound device in Device Manager to ensure that hardware is working properly. Dedicated steps mentioned in FIX 2 here.

SUGGESTION 5: Try updating your sound device driver(s). You can follow this guide to update the driver(s).

SUGGESTION 6: If previous suggestions didn’t work, users may also try importing importing audio registry configuration from another machine on which sound is working properly. The condition is that imported registry file should be from the same architecture machine with equivalent or lower build. You can download Windows 10, Version 1607 (32-bit) audio registry configuration file using this link. This file is supposed to work on Windows 10 Build 10240, 10586, Windows 8.1/7/8.

SUGGESTION 7: In case if sound device on your machine is not working properly, you can take the system to nearest computer repair shop to make sure the hardware is not faulty.

SUGGESTION 8: After ensuring that hardware and services both are running perfectly but still there is no sound, you can try reinstalling your Windows 10 without affecting your files.

Hope something helps!


  • Your instructions were simple enough for me (non-IT person) to follow and fix my issue. Thanks!

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Glad we could help 😎

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