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Published: August 15, 2011 | Applies to:

This article will show how you can block ads in Google Chrome using the simple Adblock Plus extension for Google Chrome.

Surfing the internet without ads in Google Chrome has become almost as efficient as in Firefox, only video ads mostly come through due to limitations in the WebKit engine the Google Chrome browser is based on. So if you’re getting with irritated by ads thrown by websites, this post is for you.

Block Ads In Google Chrome Using Adblock Plus

Meet the Adblock Plus extension for Google Chrome. AdBlock was originally created for the Chrome browser by an independent developer. A few months ago the Adblock Plus community which is behind the Firefox version has ported their Adblocker to Google Chrome as well.

However, Chrome’s Adblock Plus is already nearly as good as the Firefox version. Also, it handles blocking video ads on more reliably, although not as well as the Firefox version does. Adblock Plus for Chrome can be installed for free from the website or using below link:


So enjoy your Google Chrome browsing without ads using Adblock Plus!

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