This article will show you detailed steps to clear browsing data in Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 10.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge as your primary web browser, you should manage the browser data for smooth functioning of the browser. Users facing trouble with Microsoft Edge are often advised to clear browsing data and to check if that resolves their issue.

So in this article, we’ll share you detailed information for deleting the browsing data in Microsoft Edge. You can refer below mentioned steps to clear data for your Edge browser.

How To Clear Browsing Data In Microsoft Edge

1. Open Microsoft Edge, click on triple dots ( · · · ) at top right corner or press Alt+X, and select Settings.

2. Then switch to Privacy & security section.

3. Under Privacy & security, you’ll find Browsing data heading. Under Clear browsing data, click on Choose what to clear button.

How To Clear Browsing Data In Microsoft Edge

4. Next, you’ll can select the type of content (based on below information provided by Microsoft) you want to delete from browsing data and hit Clear.

Content type Delete impact Storage
Browsing history All the sites along with their address, you’ve visited till date Device, Cloud
Cookies and saved website data Cookies and login information stored by websites on your system Device
Cached data and files Cached content store on Edge for faster access to websites Device
Tabs I’ve set aside or recently closed Tabs information stored on Edge Device
Download history List of files you’ve downloaded (actual files won’t be deleted if you check this option) Device
Autofill data Saved data entries on forms, if you’ve Autofill enabled Device
Passwords Passwords you’ve saved, if Microsoft Edge is allowed to do so Device
Media licenses Content licenses Device
Website permissions Permissions for individual websites such as flash, media autoplay, pop-ups etc. Device

How To Clear Browsing Data In Microsoft Edge

It may take few seconds to minutes to clear the browsing data, depending upon how much data to be cleared.

Once the browsing data is cleared, you can restart Microsoft Edge.

That’s it!

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