Learn this article, which helps you to decide answer to this question - is Windows 10 worth upgrading? Checkout the pros and cons for upgrade.

Microsoft is ready to release Windows 10 on the scheduled date. In past few months, we have talked so much about Windows 10 in our articles. On Microsoft Community, I have replied tons of queries related to Windows 10. We all know how much curios and excited you’ll all are about this new OS and we always love to solve the confusion you’ve about it.

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Well, many people are still in dilemma that whether they should upgrade to Windows 10 or not. The strategy of Microsoft is to make people load their machines with latest codes. They just want to let users upgrade to this newer OS and enjoy the result of their hard work which they did after Windows 8.1.

Should I Upgrade To Windows

We have earlier seen the upgrading queries in following article. It describes what things are getting affected when you upgrade. It will also clear the doubts you’re having with upgrade, have a look:

FAQs: Windows 10 Upgrading Queries

So after reading these FAQs, here are the 10 points that will make your desicion affirm about the upgrade:

Is Windows 10 Worth Upgrading?

1. Windows 10 is a free upgrade within one year past 29th July, 2015, for those who’re on genuine and activated Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update.

2. Windows 10 is the last operating system of Windows series. The OS will be treated as “Windows as service” later.

3. Windows 10 comes with many new advanced features. Windows Hello, Cortana are some highlighted features that you should try. Here is how Windows 10 is improved for out of box experience:

a. Integration with Microsoft‘s digital assistant – Cortana, can be used for finding and retrieving information on the Internet and your PC, such as files. You can also use it to control applications such as the music player and prepare an email message or track a package.

b. Task View for managing applications using multiple desktops.

c. Modern Apps can now be windowed and behave just like desktop apps.

d. Notification Center aka Action Center for centralized management of notifications and quick access to PC settings.

e. Universal applications that work not only on your Windows 10 PC, but also your mobile phone running Windows 10 and also XBOX One.

f. XBOX App for Streaming of live games to a PC or Tablet.

g. Touch optimized Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and PowerPoint). Providing the power of Office on devices with touch support. Users can edit, prepare documents, spreadsheets and presentations with full document fidelity regardless of device.

h. Continuum Mode – if you own a 2 in 1 form factor that works both as a laptop and tablet, you can easily let Windows 10 decide the best environment for you. Once detached into Tablet mode for instance, you can work in a more touch optimized user interface. Users will also be able to remotely use Windows 10 Mobile apps on their Windows PCs.

i. Microsoft EdgeWindows 10 will include a next generation web browser called Edge that support advances in Windows 10 such as Cortana for finding information on the web, Annotation, PDF support, superior reading experience.

j. Music and playlist integration in OneDrive.

k. Unified messaging using Skype Integration.

l. Windows Hello and Passport for personalized authentication without the use of passwords.

m. Device Guard for protecting devices against malicious applications.

n. Support for media formats such as FLAC and MKV.

4. The Start Menu is back along with Start Button. This combination has been a great success since Windows XP. Now the Start Menu has Modern UI included.

5. The Continuum UI lets the OS gets adapted with device width. It’s like the responsive layout website which fits the screen it is viewed from.

6. Universal Apps, the apps that will support on each Microsoft device with the application of Continuum UI.

7. Windows 10 installation is compressed one, so that you can have enough space left to use for others files and apps on hard drive. Upgrade will also preserves files, applications and your personal settings of previous OS from which upgraded.

8. Windows Hello is the feature that help you through log in Windows 10 just by your face and smile.

9. Since, Windows 10 is latest OS so it reduces chances of security threats and vulnerabilities.

10. Windows 10 comes with the option to go back to your previous version of Windows.

You can also reinstall the OS if something is not working correctly, or if you’ve have multiple problems.

How to reinstall Windows 10?

So these are points that will surely give positive confidence towards upgrade. It was so easy for me to enlist these points.

Now there are some few points which tells you what if you don’t upgrade. I need to think a lot to find them:

1. You will still have Windows support for the OS you’ve right now. But the support for it will end before EOS for Windows 10.

2. Some program vendors haven’t made available their software for newer OSes. I still know many software that are available for Windows XP only, which don’t work perfectly on Windows 7. So there may be possibility that some of your software will not work on Windows 10. If you’re having such programs, you need to consult with developer for support regarding Windows 10.

3. If you do not like Modern UI and comfortable with Windows classical UI which is available in Windows 7, you may stay with this version now. But at last you’ll need the upgrade to Windows 10 at EOS for Windows 7.

4. Following features will be removed after you upgrade to newer OS:

a. Windows Media Center

b. DVD playback

c. Desktop gadgets

d. Pre-installed games

e. Floppy drive support – obtain update through Windows Update or manufacturers website if its a USB floppy drive.

f. Windows Live Essentials (Windows Essentials) – can be reinstalled.

g. Windows UpdatesWindows 10 replaces your previous version of Windows by moving it to the Windows.old folder. Windows 10 becomes the default operating system.

h. Windows Virtual PC with Windows XP Mode – you will have to use Hyper-V which includes setting up and reinstalling Windows XP. You will also need to provide your own Windows XP license.

So at last, we have cleared the situation about upgrade. We hope the points mentioned above will help you to ultimately arrive at a final decision.

Good luck for your choice!


  • With Windows 10, I don’t see my (reassuring) Microsoft Security Essentials icon anymore, in my task bar. If it was green, I knew I was protected. Do I even have that kind of protection anymore..? I just can’t tell. No more free anti-virus (and whatever else was part of Security Essentials) ? Do I need to buy McAfee or some other now? If so, I’ll probably just try to reinstall my prior OS.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Microsoft Security Essentials has been dropped since Windows 8 release and you can use it’s substitute i.e. Windows Defender in Windows 10 :)

  • Its combination of a more intuitive integration of its touchscreen and desktop interfaces, a host of new features and better performance makes it a clear upgrade for Windows XP and Windows 7 users.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Yes, exactly!

  • Hi Kapil ,

    I upgrade to windows 10 from windows 8.1 pro , and now my windows 10 cant play dvd , it says I need to purchase from appstore for $14 , Do you a tweak for that?

    Thanks :()

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Can’t get your question. Is it DVD drive simply not working or if you using any app and that giving you this message?

  • The DVD drive is working fine , I just cant play DVD because I need to purchase windows dvd app first in store.,.,.,.,,.,before in windows 8.1 pro I can play dvd , why should I need to purchase a windows 10 dvd again?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ You can play DVD using Windows Media Player. There is also Movies & TV app in Windows 10, you can use that as it is free :)

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