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This step-by-step guide will illustrate you how to upgrade to Windows 10 using ISO file, from your existing Windows installation.

Previously, we’ve seen how to make clean install of Windows 10 using an ISO file or Windows 10 installation disc in the following article:

How to make clean install of Windows 10

In that article, if you have opted for Upgrade : Install Windows and keep files, settings and applications option at step 6 then you may receive this window which advocates to upgrade the OS by running the setup file inside Windows:

The computer started using Windows installation media. Remove the installation media and restart your computer so that Windows start normally. Then, insert the installation media and restart the upgrade. [Do not select Custom (advanced) to perform an upgrade. Custom (advanced) installs a new copy of Windows and deletes your programs and settings.]

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

So as far as upgrading the OS is concerned, the steps are little bit different. Here you need to temporarily mount the ISO file by assigning it a drive letter, then you can proceed via upgrade.

In this article, we’ll see the step-by-step procedure to upgrade your existing Windows OS to Windows 10. Here is what you need:

1. Official Windows 10 ISO file which you can download from here:

Download Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft

2. A device that can run Windows 10, or that fulfills system requirements for Windows 10.

Now here comes the how-to part:

How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

1. Open your existing Windows edition and locate the ISO file. Now right click on this file and Mount, restart the machine. After rebooting, open File Explorer and locate the DVD drive, you’ll find that the ISO file is already mounted to it with a temporary drive letter (as you can see in below shown window, where D: is temporary drive letter). Open this drive and click on the setup.exe file.

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

2. Provide the UAC permissions here by clicking Yes option:

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

After this you’ll see that setup is preparing itself to start:

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

3. Then in the following window so appears, make your choice. If you don’t have Internet connection, pick Not right now and click Next:

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

4. Moving on, accept the license agreement from Microsoft by clicking Accept.

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

5. So the setup is near to install the upgrade. Click on the Change what to keep link here to choose which things to delete while upgrade:

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

Best option here is to select Keep personal files, apps and Windows settings. Click Next and then click Install in above shown window.

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

6. Finally, the installation starts and get completes in few minutes.

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

Your PC will restart after the installation is over.

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

7. After reboot, you will see the Upgrading Windows. Here there are three sections and after completing each section, PC will restart. When this screen reaches to 100%, system will finally reboot.

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

8. After the restart, the steps are similar to step 11, 12, 13 of this guide. Then you can log in to your user account which existed on your old edition of Windows. Click Next.

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

9. After setting up your account, finally you’ll arrive at the Desktop of Windows 10. In this way, the upgrade to Windows 10 is completed.

GUIDE - How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Using ISO File

Hope you enjoy Windows 10 and find it awesome!

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  • How can I get an Installation DVD of Windows 10? The upgrade is not working for me. Thank You for your help in the past.

  • I have been trying to get windows 10 from a free upgrade. So far it has not worked. I think the installation DVD would work. How can I get a free DVD, or can I?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ You can download official Windows 10 ISO from following page and burn it to DVD, if you like:

  • are my files and there locations effected when upgrading?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Nope, but if your files are of prime concern, you can create backup of them on an external drive such as USB :)

  • hello sir will i lose my games and other stufff if i upgrade from win 8.1 to win 10??help me fast

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Nope. But games may not work after upgrade, if they’re not supported on Windows 10.

  • No way for skipping product key ? I wanna stuck on there.

  • i just downloaded media creation tool.exe. how do i proceed from here to create an iso file for windows 10 installation

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ You can directly download ISO file from Microsoft using link mentioned in the article. Once you’ve ISO file, go ahead with steps.

  • After restarting there is no pre-mounted drive.

  • i got to where it says the computer started using the windows installation etc….How do I actaully restart the computer once i removed the cd There is no option about restarting unless you press the power button which I did and ya operating system not found..back from scratch.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ In that case, physical restart is the only option left.

  • Hi, im stuck at where it says “Hi there, let’s get a few basic things out of the way, what’s your country/region?, what keyboard layout.., etc”. So yeah, i chose my settings and now it’s taking forever to apply these settings. Prior to this, i chose “keep nothing” for a clean installationg. Any help? Going over half an hour and still “applying these settings”.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ If it’s still there, can you go back and check Use Express settings button?

  • Hey Kapil, it appears that I am a similar situation just like Benjie, When I get to the ‘Compatibility’ report that says remove my USB install media, I have a restart button on my desktop that I can press. I go thru the stated set of instructions: 1) remove the USB media; 2) Press my restart button; 3) Wait for the machine to reboot into my old Windows 7 (32bit) Sp1 OS; 4) Wait for that start-up to complete; 5) Reinsert the USB media and tell Win-login page to restart my machine; 6) On this occurrence the same Initialize process starts all over again w/o regard for the initiating files that should have been written to my harddrive from the prior install attempt. Effectively I’m in a never ending loop with no chance of a successful continuance of the reinstall process. How can I get this issue resolved.

    Thanks in advance…

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ If you’ve ISO file, simply start your Windows 7 go ahead with steps mentioned here 😊

  • “Your PC will restart in a few moments” it never pass

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Give it some time, it will pass. This depends upon your system specs.

  • sir i cant log in to my laptop because this Recovery

    Your PC/Device needs to be repaired

    A component of the operating system has expired.

    File: \windows\system32\boot\winload.efi

    Error code: 0xc0000605

    i cant change the date if i change the date it wont load it will restart again and the msg will appear again what should i do?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Download latest Windows 10 ISO file and make a clean install using it:

  • Hi.. Everything was working fine. 2 days ago my Acer 4740G running on Windows 10 Pro 64bit is updating to its latest update, a commulative update. At 68% percent the laptop suddenly turned off due to the plug is a bit loose and it was moved a bit and boom laptop died. Now I cant open it, asking me for a bootable device. I made a bootable USB and making an install, trying for upgrade because I dont have back up of my files. Then compatibility report keeps showing (The computer started using the Windows installation media. Remove the installation media and restart your computer……). When I clicked close it brings me back to Windows setup where you choose install now or repair your computer. I dont even know how I’ll restart it. Please help me.. :( Thank you..

  • This for this guide BUT I have a computer error and I cannot load Windows. Currently I only have access to my hard drive via CMD in the TROUBLESHOOTING option in the windows installation media. Is it possible to execute your guide with just CMD?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ I don’t think you can just go ahead with commands in this case. You must boot from the installation disc and then go ahead with clean install:

  • Can I use Daemon tools to mount image to a virtual drive?

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Sorry, can’t comment on such 3rd-party tools.

  • Hi Kapil. Came across ur post. Pls I have a windows 10 that I have been using for the past two years. Some 3 weeks ago I tried booting my system. It refused to go to the login page and remained stuck on a blue screen and rounded dots. I have tried so many solutions to no avail. Kindly help assist me sole this problem.

  • Kapil Arya

    ^^ Perform Startup Repair:

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